NZ Home Doctors

House calls used to be a regular thing in NZ and many of us can remember the days when our doctor would call in on the way home,
but times changed and it became a thing of the past, until now. House calls are back and NZ Home Doctors is a
brand new medical service where we come to you.
Our doctors are fully registered in NZ with many years of experience.
Whether you're at work or at home,
we come to you and we're available 7 days.

Why call us?

For many, getting to a GP can be difficult.

  • You may be physically unable to leave your house.
  • You may feel so unwell, you can’t get out of bed.
  • Perhaps you've got the kids at home and the last thing you want is to make them wait for 3 hours in a waiting room full of sick people!
  • Maybe all you need is a blood pressure check and a prescription for some more tablets.

Whatever the reason, we understand that sometimes it’s just easier to have the doctor come to you. We specialise in home visits and our doctors carry a range of medications, which means we can start getting you treated straight away so you'll be on the road to recovery a lot sooner.

Even for us finding enough doctors can be difficult which is why we are now doing nurse home visits with a doctor video call. This way the nurse can check the important vital signs and examine everything the doctor wants, making the doctor able to make just as good an assessment as if they were there in person.

Book in 2 Easy Steps

We’ll arrange a doctor and book in for a certain time of the day that fits in with you, or just put you on the waiting list and get to you as soon as we can.

Whether you are sick in bed or at work, wherever you may be, the doctor will come straight to you!

Occasionally there are times where you might be better off seeing your GP or going to A & E but we can advise you of that over the phone.
Please note that our doctors do not carry narcotics or other drugs of addiction. If you require these or a script for them, please contact your own GP.